Description of the project

Kelvin Mwita works as Lecturer at Mzumbe University, he is a writer and facilitator on employment, labour, career and entrepreneurship.

Contract Project : September 01, 2019

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Success Criteria

Secured, Integrated, Reliable, and Accessible Published Contents
Improved outreach campaigns, adverts, and social activities through better tools (website).
✓  User platforms to enable data and report generation for organization decision making.
Reduced response time for potential inquiries, Events, Projects and Publications
Individual webmail’s account
Virtual office and reliable platform for organization Activities
Improved communication sharing with mobile services adoption and live charts

Situation/ Problem/ Opportunity

Currently, numerous organizations do not entirely utilize Information Technology on various activities including contents handling (creating, manipulating, retrieving, storing and distribution) causing legging behind of technological Era thus,

◉ Real-time processing and cost minimization
◉ Resource allocation and Global service delivery
◉ Branding and Publicity
◉ Reliability and Quick information sharing
◉ Legitimacy

of which have been persistently increased and resulting in impreciseness. From the mentioned technical hitches, we found there are possible demands to establish an Information System as a platform for both Content Handling, Reliable Platform for Organization Activities [Virtual Office] and Communication Gateways that will necessitate a link with Stakeholders.

Strategies toward

» Analysis and design according to User Specification Requirement
» Interface, Database and System Development
» Modules Integration and Testing.
» Technical and User training.
» Support structure and roll-out.
» Maintenance and Upgrades

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